Are you seeking for the perfect solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth? Dr. Danlu Lee & Wendy Yeung and our professionals in Kirkland, Washington, want to give you the dental care you need and one of the best solutions to replacing teeth is installing a dental bridge. This will drastically improve your bite, eating and speaking abilities, as well as ease any discomfort you’ve been experiencing.

One of the first steps in having a dental bridge placed is meeting with your dentist to figure out which approach is best for you. Some of the best options to replace your missing tooth/teeth include a Maryland bridge, an artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth; a traditional bridge, crowns placed on surrounding teeth connected to the artificial tooth; or a cantilever, an artificial tooth connected to one crown placed on a surrounding tooth.

After this is determined, your dentist will treat the surrounding teeth and gums to prepare for an impression that will be sent to a laboratory. This sometimes includes filing down the surrounding teeth and repairing the gums. They may also lay a temporary tooth until it comes back in. When your new bridge arrives, you will come in and have it placed by your dentist who will then schedule a checkup to ensure its comfortability and fit.

Come into our dental clinic today or schedule an appointment by calling (425) 828.9721 for a consultation or meeting time today. Let Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry give you your most comfortable and best smile!