Your new dental implant is strong and reliable. However, if you fail to take good care of it, then there is a chance you could suffer extreme and serious consequences. So, it’s best to do all you can to keep your implant in the best shape possible. To help you do so, our Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry dental team encourages you to do the following things:

–Keep up on oral hygiene: Oral hygiene can help keep your implant in top-notch condition. It can also help kill bacteria that can attack and harm your implant. So, be sure to brush your teeth every morning and every night, floss your smile right before bed, and rinse your mouth daily. As you do these things, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, your favorite dental floss, and antibacterial mouthwash. No matter which tool and product you use, make sure it has been approved by the American Dental Association.

–Attend your maintenance appointments: It’s important to make sure your implant is in top-notch condition regularly. So, please make sure to attend your maintenance appointments. This can help you maintain a strong, reliable, and attractive implant for many years.

–Visit your dentist: Even though your dental implant is invulnerable to tooth decay, it’s still vulnerable to gum disease. So, make sure you receive a professional dental cleaning every six months so the plaque and tartar can be removed from your smile and implant.

For more information, tips, and details about the best ways to keep a strong, healthy, and reliable dental implant in Kirkland, Washington, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (425) 828.9721. We also encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Danlu Lee or Dr. Wendy Yeung if you’re due for a six-month checkup or maintenance appointment or if you have any concerns for your implant. We are happy to help you!