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If you are interested in having a whiter, brighter smile, there is no shortage of options from which to choose. If you take a walk down the aisles of any grocery or drug store, or a large retail store, you will see that the shelves are lined with kits, strips and gels, all of which claim that they can give you a gleaming grin. There are also toothpastes and mouthwashes with ingredients that are designed to whiten your teeth. But not every product may do what it claims, and some products may not be a good fit for you. For a whitening treatment that is guaranteed to be safe and effective, you should talk to our dentists, Dr. Danlu Lee and Dr. Wendy Yeung at Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry about an in-office whitening treatment. But once the whitening treatment is done, it will be up to you to make sure that your teeth continue to shine.

If you smoke or use tobacco in any form, you should celebrate your new look by kicking the habit. Tobacco will turn your teeth brown, and nicotine will stain them yellow. Obviously, red wine will darken your smile, but white wine has a very high acid content and can also stain your teeth Not only is tomato sauce bright red, but the acid in tomatoes can leave your teeth darker as well. Dark colored drinks, like coffee tea and soft drinks will stain your teeth. Berries make a great snack and an even better dessert, but they can also darken your teeth. On the other hand, crunchy fruits and vegetables will provide your teeth with vitamins that keep them strong, and their high water content will hydrate your mouth. Additionally, their texture will help scrub the stains from your teeth. Hard cheese is also good for cleaning your teeth, and dairy products provide calcium to strengthen your smile. Long leafy vegetables can leave a protective film on your teeth to keep stains out. Water will hydrate your body and mouth, and help wash away bacteria and acids that can damage your teeth. No matter how effective a whitening treatment may be, you will need to continue to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep your smile healthy and stain free.

If you your smile could use a little sprucing up, why not make an appointment to see us for an examination, cleaning, and whitening treatment? If you live in the Kirkland, Washington, area you can plan your visit by calling (425) 828.9721.