A chronic lack of saliva production is often given the term dry mouth. While it can have several sources, such as prescription medications you are taking, alcohol consumption or other medical conditions, it can pose a significant number of complications to your oral health.

Saliva is important for washing away residual food particles and loosening plaque in your mouth. Dry mouth results in such a significant decrease in saliva production that it promotes bacterial growth in your mouth. This in turn promotes problems with tooth decay and increases your chances of developing gum disease.

Sometimes combatting dry mouth is as simple as sipping water frequently throughout the day. If you think your dry mouth issues are related to a new prescription medication, you should talk to your physician about your alternatives.

At the same time regular tobacco use and frequent alcohol consumption can also impede saliva production or lead to chronic issues with dehydration. In cases like this, cessation or behavior modification are your best alternatives for addressing your dry mouth issues.

If you are concerned that dry mouth is causing complications with your oral health, you should call Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry at (425) 828.9721 to schedule an appointment. It’s important to address and treat complications with tooth decay and gum disease early.