If you’re about to repair your tooth with a composite dental filling in Kirkland, Washington, then our Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry team is more than happy to help you prepare for your appointment!

When you come into our office and visit with Dr. Danlu Lee & Wendy Yeung, you can expect the following treatment steps:

Step 1: First, your dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. Then, he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth with a drill, air abrasion instrument, or laser. The tool used will depend on your dentist’s preferences.

Step 2: Then, your dentist will deeply clean the tooth to make sure there are no particles, bacteria, or debris present.

Step 3: Once the tooth is completely clean, he will start to fill the tooth with the composite resin. This resin will need to be applied in layers. Once each layer is placed, it will need to be hardened with a special light.

Step 4: After the tooth is completely filled, your dentist will trim and shape the surface to make it fit perfectly with the bite.

Our team is happy to provide this information to you so you can finally feel prepared and relaxed in the dental chair. If you would like to learn more about the ways to prepare for your appointment, please call (425) 828.9721 today and talk to a member of our team. We are happy to help you!